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YINENG combine the apparel expertise with lean methodologies and the latest technology to get the competitive advantage.

Fashion & Apparel

Help car seat cover and Internal Manufacturers get more profit.


Provides a comprehensive optimization process for the furniture industry.


YINENG is the world leader in integrated solutions designed for industries using soft materials

Keeping up with the Fashion and Apparel Industry's accelerated pace of change

The need for transformation affects fashion and apparel companies in all sub-segments (womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, lingerie, sportswear, denim…). Transformation can imply a more effective and agile approach to design and product development, improved manufacturing processes and organization, new sourcing process and other fundamental evolutions

Consumers' lifestyles and expectations are driving the upholstered furniture business

In their constant quest for individuality, consumers expect more choice, more innovative design and more technology—without compromising on price, quality and delivery time. In addition, the costs of manufacturing are rising, raw materials are increasingly expensive, and wages are going up.

Developed sector-specific solutions for car seat and interior design

Road quality has improved significantly in recent years in China, and the post-80's generations are increasingly keen on leaving the city on weekends. Such trends are favorable to the as-yet unsaturated Chinese automotive market. However, the market remains complicated due to sales volatility and overcapacity.

Help our customers meet strategic objectives by providing solutions designed to streamline processes and increase optimization

minimize material waste. At Yineng, we build on a long experience to help our customers meet strategic objectives by providing solutions designed to streamline processes and increase optimization. With a worldwide network of experts and consultants, Yineng is never far away.

Yineng Intelligent manufacturing help the users working quickly and simply

As the system is easy to use and enables fast adoption. You also get access to useful tools and e-learning, meaning users can start working with the system straight away. So, you'll soon be operating more efficiently, productively and collaboratively.

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